With Aruba Click Top you get 1000 guaranteed clicks on your website or page that you wish to publish.
Therefore by purchasing the service you
can improve the visibility of your site on the web and above all get guaranteed clicks from visitors who are actually interested in the advertised products or services.

The cost of the service is €250,00 + VAT and includes:

- Copywriting
of the ads.
Configuration of the campaign in main web advertising networks.
Guaranteed delivery of 1000 clicks at an average cost of 0,25 € CPC.
End of campaign report 


To order the service you just need to select the product of your choice, enter the required information in the order form online and confirm the request.

Aruba will then analyze the website, the
target market and create and manage the ad campaign.

The service does not have an expiry date but will terminate once the goal has been reached, or rather once the guaranteed
1000 clicks have been generated.

It is possible to order a new set of clicks at any time by logging into the Customer Area of the service at: 
http://keyposition.aruba.it/EN/Home.aspx  using the @aruba login and relevant password, or by selecting products from: http://keyposition.aruba.it/EN/Home.aspx