Renewal of KeyPosition services ordered before the 14/02/2012

Aruba has renewed the range of services for website ranking and website advertising on the web offering 3 new solutions:

  • Aruba Seo
  • Aruba Click
  • Aruba Mix

The KeyPosition services that are already active cannot be renewed, therefore it is necessary to place a new order.
In some cases it is possible to choose services from the new range that, given their features, represent the corresponding “old” Keyposition services.

The table below shows which new offer corresponds to the previous range:








KeyPosition Basic



Aruba SEO Basic



KeyPosition Best



Aruba SEO Pro



KeyPosition Ultra



Aruba SEO Top + Aruba Click Top



KeyPosition Visits



Aruba Click






Project services



KetPosition Direct Basic



Aruba SEO Basic (recommended)



Whereas those with a service that is not included in the above table and which therefore does not have a corresponding new service, may choose either to make a new purchase or request a Project Service.

In this case in fact, it is possible to contact the consultants of Aruba who will prepare a customised offer based on the needs of the customer.