Suggestions for creating a banner

The first thing to consider is the weight of the banner, as it is shown that banners which are quicker to load get higher Click Through (below CTR*) rates.
In fact, the lighter the banner, the quicker it is downloaded and displayed to the user.
Therefore we advise that you keep it below 12 KB.

Invite the user, for example by using the wording "Click here!" or "Visit our website", which may seem common but helps increase the CTR.

The graphics need to be catchy and you can use rotations, zooms, etc...
The statistics, in fact, indicate that animated images are 20%-40% more successful than simple static images, provided that the animation does not become annoying for the user.

The colours of a banner can be used to transmit a message or a sensation to the user, and even if this varies from person to person, it seems that the colours blue, yellow and green, receive a higher CTR than a black and white banner.
We advise that you do not use purple for example, because it’s one of the most difficult colours for the eye to "identify".

It’s important to replace a word with an image – when possible – because apart from attracting more attention, the user remembers it more easily.

If your website offers something free of charge, state it in the banner emphasizing the wording for example:

- Free services
- Free programs

The free word always has a good impact!

It’s also very important to use clear fonts like the Courier, Times New Roman,
Verdana, Arial, Ms Sans Serif.

Another strategy to increase the CTR is to include questions in the banner making the banner "interactive", although we must try not to disappoint the expectations of those who click.
It’s best not to use phrases like "Click and win 50€" or similar phrases if they are not true because you only risk turning users away from the advertised website, also shedding a bad light on the website in connection with the banner.

Remember, the message given by your banner must be as short and as clear as possible, because you only have a few seconds to transmit your message to the user.
As we already explained before the banner needs to convey what the users will actually find in the related website, as it’s no use attracting users to your website and then let them walk away disappointed because they did not find what the banner promised.

* CTR: It is defined as the number of banner impressions divided by the number of clicks of a user.