Through the Domain Control panel ( you can generate an .xml file (sitemap) which includes information on website content and pages. Once you have generated this file by using the provided tool, you may place it in the web space of your domain name so that a list of all the pages found in the website can be submitted to Google.

The generation of a SiteMap may require several hours, depending on the size of the website and on the number of requests in queue for processing when scanning your website. You will know when the sitemap.xml file has been generated when you see a green icon appear on the control panel: when this icon appears, in fact, the file is ready to be downloaded and placed in your web space.


Should any changes be made to the website, you can generate a new ‘sitemap’ file to replace the one you previously published, therefore also communicate the updates to the search engine.

The tool provided by Aruba is completely free of charge and has been created to help you  index your website on Google. However NO guarantee may be given on the results.