Useful advice to make the most of Keyposition Visits

KeyPosition Visits is not available for all those who manage dialer sites.
Before activating a Keyposition Visits service, which could bring already in the first hours a large number of contacts and requests, and to make the most of its potential, you need to make sure that:
- the site pages containing the item/service/event description which you wish to promote are in order and complete in every aspect;
- the site allows the visitor to move easily through the description pages of the items/services and it clearly shows the visitor how to contact you (indicating a telephone number and/or e-mail address) or, even better, it provides a form which gathers the necessary information to draw up an estimate or to sell an item;
- you must reply quickly to the information request e-mails (the best would be to reply within 8 hours, or at the most within 24 hours).