The visible content of the page is obviously fundamental for a good indexing.
For contents we mean the text included in the <body>: spiders are not able to display possible graphic texts, in other words present on a log or on a banner.
Spiders will index the page according to the words that are found, giving greater importance to those that are repeated. The first text lines of the page are the most important, both for good positioning in the search results and because some spiders take from here (and not from the Meta Tags) the description of the page to be shown in the Engine such as: Excite, Google, Lycos.

Some Spiders don't index the Meta Tags, but only the text contents of the page, therefore:
- if the Home Page relies on effective phrases which don't have anything to do with the actual website contents, the indexing will be made for these phrases, and the website will not appear in the searches made with words which interest you; for example, if your website sells high performance Computers and written in the Home Page there is only  "speed with a click of your mouse", the page will never be found by those looking for a computer, but only by those who are looking for a mouse.
- if, as often happens, the Home Page relies only on the graphics, on Flash animations, etc. and does not contain any text, no word will be indexed, and the website will not be found in the users search results.

In both cases, it is best to create and register a Pre-HomePage in .html format containing only the texts (and the Meta Tags) useful for searching and a link to the actual Home Page.