If the web site appears in the search engines, but the visits have not increased

The KeyPosition service offers a lot of advantages at a reasonable cost, but in order to  use it to its best potential you need to bear in mind that the choice of key words is fundamental: key words that are too generic or specific are not of any use. It is completely useless for you to try and acquire traffic using terms that are too generic, such as "free", "shopping", "sex", "mp3", "hotel" because it would be difficult for you to position yourself in the first pages. Combining these to other terms by making a more specific "key phrase" you can obtain better positions. In this last case you will obtain perhaps less visits but they will definitely be of higher quality. Rather than using "shopping", for example, it will be better to combine the term with others relating to the products in which you deal in, such as: " playstation videogames shopping " or even better " playstation videogames selling online".