If the web site does not appear in the search engines

KeyPosition guarantees a professional manual subscription to the main Italian and world-wide search engines. In case of missing indexing by certain engines, for a certain "physiological" percentage of cases, the registration is reiterated in observance of the search engines policy. However there are some "technological" elements, which if presents in your web site, can obstruct the indexing process such as framesflash technology, dynamic platforms (php, asp, jsp etc..). Then there are some "techniques" not pleasant to the engines which can penalize the site and consequently "exclude" it from the index: invisible text, excessive repetition of key words in the text, use of key words not concerning the page contents entered with the only aim of "attracting" visitors, participation to link exchange programs of poor quality etc. Aruba is not responsible in any case for the missing indexing or the penalization of web sites which carry out these techniques.