Sites indexing in the international engines

The KeyPosition service allows sites indexing of the web sites in the main national and international search engines. The search engine spiders, if the web site results as "search engine friendly" (in other words it allows the software sent by the engines to view all of the site contents correctly), once they have arrived on the web site they will be inclined to look and to memorize all of its pages. If a web site presents versions in more languages, the engines will index all of the pages and will be inclined to provide, for a search in English, the pages with contents in English; for a search in French the pages in French, for a search in German the pages in German and so on. Those who aim at the foreign markets, which are not only in English speaking, should take into consideration, for the reasons just mentioned, versions of the web site also in the other main languages (German, Spanish, French...), as what matters in the end is which language is used by the surfer to search in the engines.